January 31, 2011


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Cynthia Roberts

Got to love the Raider Right of Way Rule!

Custom Buttons

Many people speed through the yellow light just before it turns red and call it amber, but I on the floor in a split second between when the light changes from red to green and flies to light brown.

driving school cheltenham

Over 95% of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs, in the USA, or Road Traffic Accidents, RTAs, in Europe) involve some degree of driver behavior combined with one of the other three factors. Drivers always try to blame road conditions, equipment failure, or other drivers for those accidents.

Mia Jexen

Man, those cracked me up! Even the Bond and Transporter reference rocked me off, since it's true. But I hope that when you teach your daughter someday on how to drive, I hope that it will be the style that even the traffic cops won't see any fault at all.

Death Race

I have lots of lesson's learned with your blog. I know now some tips to be careful in the road especially when I am driving. Nice .. Keep posting. Thanks for sharing.

300 Spartanworkouts

Yeah right !, Bond and Transporter reference rocked me off too, I watched this, it's really nice. Those tips were great, thanks for sharing !

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