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October 05, 2009


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Colleen McClimon

I am so glad that Kelvin Wade found the choreography so " gripping" and failed to mention that Lisa Clark Schmeling was the choreographer!!!!!! Kudos went to the director,the band and even mentioned the dance captain! Shame on you Mr. Wade. READ YOUR PROGRAM.


I am in SCC's Actor Training Program and it's mandatory for us to tech SCC shows and I feel so luck to have the chance to be apart of the tech crew for this production of the Producers. Let me tell you, figuring out how to put that set on stage and off stage was no easy task! It is still very much a puzzle and I am extremely proud to be apart of this production! I find myself in between my backstage duties watching the show and laughing just as much as the first time seeing it! I have only seen it from the sides so I can only imagine how beautiful and amazing it looks from the front! If you haven't seen this SCC's production of the Producers GO SEE IT! You will regret it if you don't!

Tony Wade

Hey Colleen,


First off, I wrote the article not my brother Kelvin (Shame on you Ms? Mrs? McClimon! READ YOUR BYLINE!)

It wasn't like I had a secret desire to withhold credit from the choreographer. It's called an overslight not a slight. I had her name in an earlier draft, moved it when editing and inadvertently deleted it.
I've added it to the blog.

The play was wonderful and there are many more people to give credit by name but I simply can't.

That's what a program is for.I have already heard from people who are going to the show because of my review so I don't think omitting the name of the choreographer has hurt the play.

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