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Nice start to your blog, Pat. Keep it up!

A New Day, A New Chance - I keep telling that to my sister who is desparate about her health. Hopefully, after reading your posts she'll understand something.

Dear worried sister,
Please tell you concerned sister that I am praying she will find peace and start to appreciate all the free blessings God gives us every day, and enjoy them. I look for the new blooms on all the trees when I drive, watch the puffy clouds on a day set with a deep blue sky, smell the flowers in my yard and cut some for inside, and each day is, truly, a new adventure. You can control a lot of your stress that way, I know, and I hope she will give it a try. I am going to be 76 on the 29th, and every day is a new start to the rest of my life. My God and Savior spoils me rotten...and I love it!!! So, give it a chance and put your faith in the Man Upstairs, and may only good things result! Pat Ain't Done Yet!!

Yeah! A new day get some new chance, new hope! Great post!

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