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April 22, 2009


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Debbie Foster

I was very excited to hear about this a couple weeks ago. A 48 deal where you meet jimmy and get tickets to the upcoming race at Infineon. I live about 2 hrs north (mendocino). I have never been to that race track in all my years of living here (over 30). Mostly due to the traffic and lack of shade. If not sick, this event you speak which just tugged hard at my heart - I so wanted to go and did plan on it right up until I developed serious acute asthma which left me disabled. I wonder if I will ever get to meet this driver up close in person since following him 2001? Only God knows why...

A great deal and kuddos to Jimmie, the track owner, and PR folks for putting this together. A wonderful opportunity and I do know those with time, health and money did go = and I'm sure I will hear more about the fun they had - like you sir. Thank you for sharing this. If not to go, enjoy living through. And if not in it for community as a whole - what's the point - are you only in it for you?

Infineon Racing for Nascar Cup series is important to keep around for the local community, people working, playing and enjoying their racing...And Race Fans are the Best Fans of any sport. I have long watched baseball and football - been to a race in Vegas and was just blown away at what I experienced. Nascar Fans are Great! regardless of who they root on - passionately. I sum it up this way - It's like a cult.

FYI: In San Deigo during a conference I met with the Police Cheif and District Attorney. After explaining to them I was a Jimmie Johnson Fan, and knowing his car dealership was about 10 minutes away - does he do for the community he comes from? And the answer was, oh yes. The Cheif said Jimmy is a real nice guy. And did I go see his dealership - no honey, I'm not that kind of girl (not interested). But I am in Jimmie who just doesn't get his due. Therefore I write this..and thank you for the space.


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