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February 12, 2008



שלום נדב.
מה המצב? עשיתי כעצתך ופתחתי בלוג,הוא עדיין בחיתולים ואני עוד עובד על זה.
רעיונות ממך יתקבלו בברכה (כיון שנראה לי שאתה מבין בנושא) תוכל למצוא את הבלוג לפי השם באנגלית: David Harnik.


hey Josh.

I saw your film intro in the Daily Republic and I welcome you and commend you on scratching this solano surface especially in suisun.. I too feel the area has untouched potential.

I've taken some film classes.. (no jobs yet) and I've written some scripts and working on a screenplay. Independently speaking, I have a short I would love to get done.

I tried to post flier in Suisun 3 years ago.. so, silent you could hear a feather..lolll I gave one to the Harbor theatre..but still no response. Not saying that now.. there isn't talent in the area..but it will take some doing.

If you need any assistance by-way of production crew or any other research or strategy..location, talent etc... let me know..ok

Just email me if you have any questions.. otherwise.. I'll keep checking your blog.

Take care

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