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September 18, 2008


Richard Miller

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in my garden there seems to be a weed thats trying to take over all my plants.

its a green weed that acts like a vine that spirals around the plants.

any ideas?

would any of you botanical bloggers like to come to my house and evaluate my garden to see if im doing the right thing? coffees on me!

Karen Metz

Your weed sounds like bindweed a perennial that is very hardy. It can wind around and strangle the plants it climbs on. It's in the morning glory family and actually has pretty little flowers. As you've noticed it grows quickly. I pull mine trying to get the roots. You can also use glycophosphate on it, but you have to be sure it doesn't get on the surrounding plants, as it will kill them too. Whatever you do you have to do it frequently.There is a wonderful website www.ipm.ucdavis.edu that has pictures of weeds and advice on how to handle them. They also have great info on insect pests. Karen


thank you karen :)

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