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April 28, 2008


Margy Stinson

Thanks for such frank comments. This is valuable information, but I am so disappointed. yes, I too thought this was a magnificent tree. I saw them as they were being planted along a sidewalk in Lawrence Kansas.

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I also saw this beautiful tree, in my neighbors yard and planted a sprout about 7 yrs. ago. I was not only impressed with the exotic beauty of the leaves, but also the extremely spiny trunks and branches. Thinking it would make a great yard barrier for wildlife and roaming creatures. I have since pruned the tops off the trees, as now there are many. I am still impressed with their beauty and hope I have not created a monster in my yard. They do not sprout up where I mow my yard, but are invading into the vacant field adjacent to me. I look forward to the pink puff like blossoms on the tops of the trees in the fall. Hope this is helpful to someone, although this being 8 yrs. with the trees, they have not entangled or eaten any of my pets or friends. Pat

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What an awesome fajita inspired recipe!!! I wonder if my hubby would fall for this one. Looks fantastic to me!! I may need to grab that mag and try this! :)

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