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July 29, 2009


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With the utilization of czars, Barack Obama is sidestepping the constitution and further toying with America’s civil liberties...

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Lisa Smith-Bryant

I wish someone would have spoken out like this when BUSH was in office. We all saw it comming, but allowed it to happen, including myself. Now everyone wants an instant fix. Calm Down! It took years to dig a hole this deep. The sad part is that we act like this MESS was created during the Obama Administration. Lets stop nit-picking him. The Man was left with a terrible mess to clean-up.

CD Brooks

This is a ridiculous rant perpetuated by the extreme conservative fundamentalist machine. Nice words, spectacularly written but a total waste of time and space. Good grief!

Cold Fire

I think we should all ask the question....way do they(Czars)have the power the make any changes with out our ok...........

No one person should have that power nor a hand full.

We the people not me the Czar.....

Do you want to wake up one morning and find out that you have only the rights that one man says you do?

Think about it...

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