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September 03, 2008


Graciela Q

This is truly a great blog!! I will never understand why such a great person had to be taken or the motives of the indiviual who took his life.

I do however believe in Matt's vision and hope we can all follow his footsteps. Together we can make Fairfield a better place to live and raise our children!

I myself have moved away from Fairfield because of the violence, now I think that I, like many others turned my back on what was wrong and needed to be fixed instead of trying to help make it better.

I'm proud of Matt and his influence on not just myself but all of us, our elders, our generation and the ones who will follow.

I will sign the pledge banner that will be presented to his family and I will also commit to celebrating his life by trying to make Fairfield a great place to live!

Long live Matt Garcia's legecy and mission!!

We love you always Matt!!

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